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Welcome to Aries Wings Consulting, the specialist for radar simulation and flight simulator extensions for DCS World

Airborne Radio Aries Wings Airborne Radio: The airborne Radio is an extension to DCS World. It enables Sim-Pilots to communicate with other simmers on different frequencies, based on TeamSpeak. LeftConsole
ASR ASR: ASR simulates a digitized Aerodrome Surveillance Radar for DCS World.  ASR
PAR PAR: PAR simulates a precision approach radar for DCS world. PAR
GCI GCI: GCI simulates a Ground Controlled Intercept radar for DCS World GCI
Gossip Box Gossip Box: This is the Aries Wings Gossip Box, a standalone radio, based on TeamSpeak, for communication with Airborne Radio equipped Aircraft. GroundRadio
Flight Planning Tool      Balu's Flight Planning Tool: This page is under construction and not available for the moment... FlightPlanning
GND & VAD Charts      GND & VAD  Charts for DCS: This map book in PDF format contains all relevant maps and data used for approach and departure at aerodromes in DCS world. GND_VAD


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