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PAR - Precision Approach Radar for DCS World
Airborne Radio ASR  Features:
  • Integrated Aries Ground Radio for voice radio communication
  • Free selectable glide path angle
  • Target display with different symbols for
    Primary Targets,
    Primary tracked targets,
    coasted targets
  • Touch down reflector display
  • Minima display
  • Status window
  • Input window
  • FPN 67 compliant display
  • FPN 67 compliant input functions

Ground Radio
Flight Planning Tool     
GND & VAD Charts      The PAR is a fully digitized precision approach radar display for DCS World. This type of radar is used by the US Forces in the scope of the ATNAVICS system. ATC uses this display to provide radar guidance for aircraft  on final in approach to land. In DCS World, a radar Server is necessary to deliver radar data from a game server to all connected radar displays over the internet. The radar server is part of the delivered radar package. The interconnection of the DCS World game server, the radar Server and the different radar displays is shown in the diagram on the Home Page.

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