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Ground Radio, the Aries Gossip Box
Airborne Radio ASR  Features:
  • Radio communication via Internet.
  • 8 fixed channels for UHF or VHF (configurable).
  • Transmission end click
  • Lineof sight range limitation
  • Up to 15 land lines for telephony. 
  • Crash circuit.
  • 2 Backup slots.
  • Parallel transmitting and receiving. 
  • Independent of DCS World, it can be used in any simulation.
  • Fully compliant to Aries Airborne Radio
  • Volume control for each channel
  • Based on Team Speak 3
The Gossip Box simulates a basic ATC radio equipment used by different ATC ground stations. It is independent of DCS World. Therefore it can be used with any simulator. The Frequencies of the two backup slots can be dialed manually. The land line connections enable the controller to connect to other ground stations for coordination purposes. A crash circuit connects directly to selected stations if the crash button is pushed.

The Gossip Box is included in Aries Airborne Radio
Ground Radio
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